Mighty Corn Hole Jr.
Extreme Sports Team

Our miniature version of the popular cornhole game, The Mighty Corn Hole Jr. is a game of skill and fun for the whole family. Our 7" x 14" board is the perfect size for a game to break out at the office, party, dorm room, club, tailgate, or any other place. The Mighty Corn Hole Jr. can be played alone, as a singles or doubles, and it travels easily in your car, briefcase or backpack.

The Mighty Corn Hole Jr., is constructed from 1/4 plastic. The Mighty Corn Hole Jr. is durable and waterproof. Great for outdoors, in any climate.  Game Board sold individually or a set of 2 boards. The Mighty Corn Hole Jr. game includes 8 mini bags filled with corn. The bags are 2 1/2 inches, and available in assorted colors.

Three versions are available. The Jr. Basic board is available in four colors, White, Black, Blue and Yellow. The Jr. Premium which has your logo and/or message is front and center printed on "3 mil Premium Quality Vehicle Wrap" vinyl and laminated with 2 mil high gloss laminate. When a game of The Mighty Corn Hole Jr is being played, your target audience will be thinking of your product and service for days after the fun has ended. The Jr. Xtreme is FULL coverage of some wild designs printed on the same quality of vinyl and laminate.

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